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February 19 2016


Virtual reality's fragile magic ingredient - CNET

Pioneers of the new wave of VR reveal how they immerse you in other worlds. But "presence" doesn't come easily. "It's like a small bird you can very easily kill," one filmmaker says.

Volkswagen 'dieselgate' scandal hits India
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Sabotage and high-card draws: Why the Nevada caucus will get weird
HSBC giving UK customers voice recognition access to bank accounts
Why South Africa should be on your bucket list
Stingray masterfully photobombs couple's aquarium engagement
Natalie Dormer drops hints about Margaery Tyrell's future in 'Game Of Thrones'
The music industry is all about its new digital stars, and the Grammys proved it

Ocean levels in the Philippines rising at 5 times the global average

(credit: NOAA)

One major threat from climate change is the rising global sea level. At the coast, the rising seas will wipe out infrastructure and threaten wildlife. If ocean water moves deeper into landmasses, the salt will contaminate sources required for drinking water and agriculture.

A solid understanding of how quickly the sea level is rising, and the major contributing factors, is critical to developing practical plans to limit the problems and deal with the inevitable. Recently, a team of scientists has dived head-first into this challenge.

Effect of rising sea levels

The main factors influencing rising sea level have been well documented. First, climate change has led to increased global temperatures. As its temperature rises, the sea water expands (a process called steric expansion). In addition, ice sheets and land glaciers all over the world are shrinking through evaporation and melting. All of these factors contribute to rising ocean levels.

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Shia LaBeouf is occupying an elevator at Oxford University because Shia LaBeouf
Porn actors won't be forced to wear condoms in California
Samsung Unpacked to offer 360 live stream
Top 11 digital advertising strategies you should use for mobile

Volvo reveals plans to replace car keys with a smartphone app starting in 2016 | VentureBeat | Mobile

Volvo is aiming to become the first automobile manufacturer to replace physical car keys with a smartphone app. The Swedish car maker has announced a pilot program kicking off in Sweden this spring that will offer cars without any kind of physical key or fob, with plans to make the system available commercially in 2017. […]

ISIS Influence Flatlines After Wave Of Twitter Bans | Fast Company

Now if they could only do the same thing for trolls.Twitter recently announced that since mid-2015 it has suspended 125,000 accounts that were threatening or promoting terrorist acts, with many of those suspended accounts primarily related to the militant group ISIS. Now independent research shows that the suspensions are having the intended effect, reducing the spread of the terror group's propaganda on the social networking site.Read Full Story
European carrier Three to add ad-blocking tech at the network level - CNET

European carrier Three to add ad-blocking tech at the network level

The UK network aims to banish "irrelevant and intrusive" adverts from your phone.
U.S. warplanes strike ISIS training camp
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